How To Use A Flirt Pole

It also gives you a chance to work on several other important exercises for your dog. Remember to occasionally allow your dog to get the toy and then give them praise so that they stay interested in the game.

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A flirt pole is a long pole with some type of rope attached to it and a dog tug toy at the end.

How to use a flirt pole. For some dogs it can even be too much. The lure can be any toy that gets your dog going. How to Use a Flirt Pole.

Once they take interest and begin chasing it you. Think of it as a fishing rod for dogs. Once you give the get it command move the toy end of the flirt pole away from your dog in a wide arc prompting them to give chase.

A flirt pole has many uses. Take your glue gun and adhere the cord to the end of the dowel. When youre ready you can cast the toy at the end of the flirt pole away from your body to the opposite side of.

Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and influence TV recommendations. For many dogs playing with a moving toy they can chase is the ultimate reward. That will make it light enough to wave.

The owner generally stands in one place while working the pole to make the lure active or moving. If you time this rightright at the instant your dog wouldve grabbed itthis can ramp up their drive we do the same move with our food rewards sometimes Swinging or flicking the pole higher in the air entices your dog to jump and catch the toy. If youve ever played with a toy that cats chase think of that When used correctly Flirt Poles help tap into your dogs natural prey drive.

And going the DIY route means you can keep things interesting by using different toys. Ask your dog to sit while you get into position with the flirt pole. Dog must lie down look at you leave the toy alone and wait for you to release them before playing.

A short game of ten minutes will tire a dog just as much as a much longer walk. These toys are amazing for play and exercise but they are even better for training purposes. You can use that desire to.

Snap or flick the pole to cause your toy lure to change direction suddenly. Hold it up to get your dog to jump move in circles whip it. Let your dog briefly catch the lure every few minutes and give them praise when they catch it but then make them release the lure and start over.

The idea is to move the lure so that the dog cannot catch it easily ie flirt with the dog. It is one of the best exercises for a. To use your flirt pole with your dog get your dog to sit and wait for your command.

Flirt Poles are a powerful tooltoy for dogs that can help give them mental exercise physical exercise and even help train impulse controlFlirt Poles are. The dowel should be around three feet long and about a ΒΌ inch thick. For best results also use the Flirt Pole as a training tool.

Using a Flirt Pole is a fantastic way to exercise your dog. Introduce them to the lure and start moving it around on the ground. Use your flirt pole to reinforce good behavior and give your dog a great workout.

How to Use a Flirt Pole Start in a space where your dog can be safely off leash and has plenty of room to move around. Train your dog to sit lie down and wait to go after the lure until you give the command to do so. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device.

It is a fun toy to entice your dog into a game and is also an excellent way to exercise and tire a dog out quickly. How To Make A Flirt Pole For Your Cat Step 1. The owner or trainer holds the pole and through a variety of motions moves the rope and the lure.

A flirt pole or flirt stick is a piece of exercise equipment that encourages your dog to chase a fast-moving lure or toy. Youll want to use the flirt pole outdoors to prevent any accidents from happening indoors. Wrap the cord around a couple of times to make.

Flirt Pole Rules You Will Use. A Flirt Pole is an easy-to-use toy that helps exercise your dog and work on training and impulse behaviors.

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