How To Shift A 13 Speed

156 How to shift an 18 speed transmission. If youre talking about floating down 1 gear with a lever shiftsay 12th to 11th.

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Otherwise I just drive it like an 8 speed.

How to shift a 13 speed. Move the splitter button forward 2. Press the HighLow Gear button on your gear shift. 13 is easier than a 10 because there are more gears you dont need to rev the engine as much with a 13 as you do with a 10.

With the right foot controlling both brake and gas pedal it is the left foots responsibility to press this pedal. I only use the button if there is a reason to do so – heavy load decent incline etc. I drive around a few corners on one when I first started with this.

The shift pattern is identical to the. And thats how you get 13-speed. You just shift when you need to shift.

While it seems confusing shifting a 13-speed splitter is simple once youve mastered the shift pattern. My version of a tutorial Just showing and trying to explain how I shift a 13 speed. How To Shift A 13 Speed Tractor Trailer.

By pressing it the automobile will move faster. Transmissions 13 speed rt range selector pre-select all range shifts splitter selector may be shifted in 5-6-7-8 only do not range shift with splitter selector in od move range selector before moving shift lever start with range selector down shift lo-1-2-3-4 raise range selector shift 5-6-7-8 shift 8-7-6-5- move range selector down shift 4-3-2-1-lo hi lo. How to Shift a 13 Speed Transmission Step 1.

That part is more a matter of feel. How to float gears and shift without the clutch. If this is helpful please like and subscribeThis video explains how to shift the eaton fuller 13 speed transmission.

I weighed about 77000lbs during this. Press the Overdrive. Shifting a 13 speed in a different way.

Step 1 Start the engine with the transmission in neutral and bring the air pressure to normal a process that is done automatically as the vehicle idles. Im really sorry about the audi. Big Rig Trucks Semi Trucks Cummins All Traffic Signs Eaton Fuller Military Jokes Brake Parts Driving School Peterbilt.

5 8 gives you a 13-speed. Last but not least the far left pedal is the clutch. Now an 18-speed is a glorified 13-speed.

This will change your gear locations into high gear. To fully understand this I recommend watching How to shift a 10 speed tractor trailer first. How To Shift A 13 Speed Tractor Trailer.

Shift normally through the first five gears just as you would in a manual-transmission car or a 10-speed. Saved by Anthony Curcio. Its main function is to shift gears up or down.

How to shift a 13 speed Eaton from a rookies perspective – YouTube. Lift foot off pedal to break the torque and immediately mover lever to neutral. 5-8 you have the option to use a half gear by flipping another button and easing off the throttle or stepping on it to downshift.

Now how you get an 18-speed is that you can split all the gears on the bottom and all the gears on the top so you get 10 gears on the bottom and eight gears on the top which gives you an 18-speed. How to Shift 13 speed Tractor Trailer Transmission – NgheNhacHayNet. This was only my 2nd day of driving a 13 speed manual.

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