How To Make A Knife Sheath

Use the knife you want to make a sheath for to mark the edges and the x-acto knife to cut the sheets then glue wood veneers in this order. Cut a shallow groove on the sheath with the leather gouge.

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To ensure the fit of your sheath is precise place the knife onto the leather and fold the material over the blade.

How to make a knife sheath. Use a utility knife to remove these 2 inches of leather then use your wood rasp and sandpaper to smooth out the area. This is also an excellent opportunity to start molding your knife. There are three parts of this sheath that stack on top of each other hence the name pancake sheath the Back The Welt and.

Fold down the belt loop and press firmly so the glue holds. I want mine to be wide enough that I can slide it onto a surplus pistol belt. Put the sheath inside a foam press to set it around the knife.

In this instructable I am going to go step by step on how to make a pancake style leather sheath with a fold over belt loop. Keep the sheath on a solid surface and use a rubber mallet to pummel the fid. Outter sheet the frame of the knife second outter sheet put the glue in the middle and use some clamp until its dry.

Wrap the knife in foil and put sheath in water for 10-20 seconds then form the sheath around the knife. When finished let it dry for few hours. Use the rowel tool to stamp the stitches in the groove.

Ive had several people express an interest in seeing how I make and sew my sheaths. Mark at least 6 holes in every inch and punch the holes with the fid. A foam press is a machine that pushes the Kydex together and turns the material into 1 sheath by wrapping it around the knife to create a holster.

Use the one that came with your knife or an aftermarket one. Take a cotton sheet and put it in the foam press first then put the Kydex sheath with the knife. You will want your knife sheath dangler to be the appropriate size for the belt that you will be using as well as for how low you want the sheath to hang.

How to Make a Knife Sheath. Put the sheath on a wooden table or a wooden board unfolded. Put contact cement glue on the attachment points after youve sprayed some water on the leather.

I am an amazon affiliate. Here is part one of two videos showing that. Measure and Cut the Dangler Loop.

To mold it soak the blade part of your sheath leaving the handle out in a pan of warm water for a few minutes. This is my process of making a leather knife sheath using vegetable tanned leatherIf you have any questions on making your knife sheath please drop it in th.

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