How To Make A Bamboo Fly Rod

You are working with a finely tuned plane a. Our year-round trout fishing will afford you the opportunity.

Making A Bamboo Fly Rod Bamboo Fly Rod Fly Rods Bamboo

Each student works at their own solid maple workbench which is outfitted with an arsenal of the highest quality tools such as Lie-Nielson planes and Bellinger planing forms.

How to make a bamboo fly rod. This is a step by step look at the process of making a split bamboo fly rod. Heat slowly bend in the opposite direction and hold that bend till the rod section is cool. How To Make a Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod Stage One.

A bamboo fly rod is made of six strips of bamboo glued together to form a hexagon. Making bamboo fly rods requires using cane of better than average quality and most bamboo fly rod makers use tonkin cane that is specially imported for that purpose. The first to make a scientific approach to fly rod action was EE.

The knife used to split the culm into strips along the grain is called a froe which is hammered with a mallet or a club. Here tradition rules I am fine with it. Costing me only the small fly reel 9.

This stage begins with a piece of Tonkin cane the only cane used in rod making because its. However his calculations methods contained errors. LnB Fishing EP.

Handcrafting a Graphite Fly Rod by LA. 10In this video I show you how to make a mini bamboo fly rod which takes under 40 minutes to make. Turning a culm of bamboo into a fly rod requires some specialized tools.

The best basic rod crafting reference for wrapping guides and other assembly procedures once youve made your rod blank. Each strip must be transformed into an equilateral triangle that will fit snugly with five others to create a hexagonal blank a process that requires planning by hand or a mill. Garrison who during the nineteen thirties developed a mathematical method for calculating the tapers taking into account the bamboo density and the bending moments resulting from the bamboo fly line and guides weights.

Because bamboo stalks have natural bumps or nodes the next step will be to file or sand the nodes down and then apply heat to flatten them out using a heat gun. To nest together to form a fly rod that is hexagonal. The rod is 7 foot for a 2 weight line.

In fact these are the very same tools and methods used to create every Oyster bamboo rod. Custom bamboo fly rod. These images are short excerpts from the videos which accompany the e-book My fly Rod how to build a bamboo fly rod a practical guide.

Although each step is described a number of details are not fully covered. A 6 long culm of Tonkin cane before and after being split into strips. Condensed how to video of steps to build a split cane fly rod.

Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods by Wayne Cattanach. The strips are triangular in cross-section and since the rod tapers from handle to tip the triangular strips taper too the triangle is bigger at one end of the strip than the other. Note that the side of each strip that faces out still has the original enamel layer that serves.

We only use the finest quality nickel silver components snake guides and pure silk thread. They will next be bound together with string and placed in a heat treating oven that will dry straighten and temper them. Isolate the bend by pressing down on one flat at a time while moving your fingers up and down the rod section.

One of the detailed treatises which made bamboo. Students will flame bamboo split it into strips taper glue them straighten the sections mount ferrules and apply guides reel seat cork handle and varnish. The fly rod tip will be made from the top five feet and since most rods have an extra tip you should split the top five feet of the bamboo into 12 pieces.

Start at the tip and locate the bends by slowly rolling the section on a flat surface while watching to see if the tip rises above the surface.

Making A Bamboo Fly Rod Bamboo Fly Rod Fly Rods Fly Fishing

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