How To Fill Paintball Tank With Air Compressor

Please be careful in storing your CO2 bulk tank as there are hazards associated with the inappropriate use of them. Turn clockwise until the fill is screwed in firmly.

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Next attach the paintball C02 tank to the refill station.

How to fill paintball tank with air compressor. Disconnect the Air Compressor. Now wait for some time to fill the tank it will take some minutes. After supplying power to your air compressor it will start compressing air and as you have connected the air compressor to the high-pressure air tank it will pass the compressed air to the tank.

The pressure switch of the air compressor will tell you the reading of PSI. Dont Hot Fill 106 Step 6. 1 The Process of Refilling Paintball Tank with Air Compressor.

Youll need two things before you can use the pumpcompressor. Now you can fill your tank by opening the valve on the bulk tank. Finally open the valve on your filling station allowing air to enter your paintball tank until it is full.

The compressor takes outside air and compresses it to about 310 bars 4500 psi which is a really high pressure. Let Out the Pressure. Check locally for dive shops or paintball fields.

Again paintball air tanks only have 3000 or 4500 PSI so you should know what category your tank belongs to. Open up the stations valve let air in your tank till it fills. After this connect one end of CO2 fitting with the air compressor hose and another on with theCO2 tank.

This is prepping your tank so that you can get a max fill. You should then rotate the primary valve on the main C02 tank you will be drawing gas from. It may cost a few hundred dollars for the tank but it pays for itself over time.

Connect the larger end of the paintball gun filler to the compressed air tank. As the refill happens the gauge needle should move upwards. Rotate the bulk tanks primary valve.

Dont fill your tank to the max. If theres any extra air in the tank release it. If it is complete remove the nozzle from the air compressor and your tank is filled with new air.

How to Safely Refill a Scuba Tank Check Tank Compliance. Regarding this where can I fill my scuba tank. When it comes to refilling attach your main C02 tank to your fill station.

The first step is to ensure that you have the appropriate tools that are necessary air fittings that go right with your air compressor hose. Fill Your Paintball Tanks At Home With A Personal Paintball Air Compressor Initial Set Up. A 1000 PSI will do the trick.

Although nothing serious can happen to the paintball air tank with or without air it is better not to leave it overfilled just avoid risks where you can. There will be two gauges there the one attached to your gun and another attached to the air compressor. During the air filling work measure the PSI of the tank to ensure enough air is in the tank.

Attach the Air Compressor. Youll need a. It doesnt work lol.

The Mini Money takes 20 to 25 minutes to fill a storage tank. For paintball tanks the Mini Money paintball air compressor takes a mere 1 to 3 minutes to fill 4500 psi drastically reducing downtown if you are filling up mid-game. Air is sucked in through an air filter into the first stage where a large piston compresses the air down to around 100-140psi.

Let the Air Out. Give the Tank a Cold Bath. A typical setup to make compressed air for paintball guns consists of a high-pressure paintball compressor one or more storage tanks and a fill station with two or more filling lines.

Firmly attach the fill station to your CO2 tank. Also unscrew the bleed-off valve so that the air left inside the tank may be removed. No you cant use a compressor to fill your paintball air tank.

Additionally you could invest in your own HPA compresso r. It may be necessary to unscrew an existing hose connected to the compressed air tank. But then again you should leave a little air in the tank for the benefit of the air tank and the regulator.

Check For Damage or Loose Objects. Set Up the Compressor. Tony walks through the steps to correctly use an air station and fill your compressed air tanks.

You can however use a scuba tank if you own one. When the compressor arrived it came with minimal assembly required and a handful of parts bags. Attach the paintball tank to the fill station.

A Scuba Air compressor must remove watermoisture and oil which the moisture separator and desiccant filter handles. Attach the Yoke to the Scuba Tank. Scuba tanks or any pressurized tank needs to be regularly inspected.

One scuba tank can refill a paintball air tank 15-20 times. Chill your tank by dispensing one or two ounces of CO2 into your tank and then let it out by opening the purge valve on the fill station. Instruction to fill paintball tank.

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