How To Clean A Colostomy Bag

My stools are always solid but if I do a laxative it can be liquidy and it works just the same way. I rinse the bag each time I empty it by pouring warm water into the bottom opening then swishing it around until its pretty clean.

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Change a colostomy pouch when it is about one-third to one-half full 1.

How to clean a colostomy bag. Then place the graduate right on top of the paper towel. To empty your colostomy bag many patients find it easiest to sit on the toilet and empty the beg between the legs. Use Clorox wipes to clean off the colostomy bag then reseal the colostomy bag.

When its time to empty the bag you just pull the liner out of the pouch and flush down the toilet cant flush in septic tanks. First off if you dont have to measure the inside the colostomy bagtake a graduated cylinder and place a plastic bag inside the cylinder next empty the contents of the colostomy bag into the cylinder. A squirt of gas may be a sign that the process is done or the stoma may look quiet or inactive.

Rinse the bag cone and sleeve and hang to dry. Your skin must be clean and dry before placing the flange. With time and experience youll know when all the water and stool have come out.

Press it firmly into place on clean dry skin. Mine is a colostomy so the output can be pretty thick at times. To prevent accidents do not wait until it is full to change the bag.

Clean the colostomy pouch frequently if its not disposable. Dispose of the used pouch correctly. Finally most recommendations are that you change your bag every 3 to 7 days.

If the pouch is disposable place the old pouch in another plastic bag and throw it in the trash. You may dry your skin with a hair dryer on. The warmth of your hand can help stick the adhesive skin barrier into place.

I reshape that seal so its way thinner than when it comes out of the package. In this video Laura shows us different positions to use when emptying your ostomy bag tips on how to keep things clean and how to use deodorizing drops. Place the paper towel underneath the clip just in case the bag drips during the process.

To empty my pouch Ive adopted Sandy-Colostomys forum member method of using a squirt bottle to put some water into the pouch via tail end to slosh a bit then let all the contents flow out into toilet. I use a closed-end pouch and use the Colo-Majic disposible pouch liners. This is so the flange sticks adheres well for a long time.

Lift the opening of the bag up so its contents dont spill out immediately after the clip is taken off. While holding the bag with one hand un-clip it with your other hand and place the clip to the side. Then the wafer which I warm a little with a hair dryer.

Once youve emptied the bag clean it with a piece of toilet paper and roll it back up. 1 Drain the pouch using the basin 2 Wipe with toilet tissue to avoid drippings on the surface 3 Wipe with stick and cotton. One more rinse dry the tail and roll it back up.

A more detailed video will be coming soon subscribe to know when its upThis video is a. Heres a quick guide on emptying and cleaning a drainable bag. Hold the pouch by its bottom and unroll the opening slowly.

Before you begin cleaning the bag make sure baby is comfortably lying down. It is best to use a restroom for the cleaning process. It may be helpful to hold your hand over the new faceplate for 30 seconds.

I have a colostomy so Im not sure how this would work with an ileo. Tie the bag with the contents and throw it away.

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